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    Donations to BlackHatDevil will be used to support the forums costs such as hosting, software updates and adding new features to the forum. As a reward for your donation you'll receive a LARGER PM box (Over 500 PM Capacity), the ability to use links in your signature (for advertising), and a Donor icon next to your username (The Ultimate Status Symbol!) More benefits coming soon... Please note that this payment is NOT for Jr. VIP status. It may take up to 7 days for your payment to be processed!

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    BHD Marketplace Seller If you don't qualify for Jr. VIP but still want to submit a thread onto the marketplace then Marketplace seller is for you. Your payment of $499 permits you to submit a listing on the BHD marketplace subject to the standard marketplace terms and moderator approval. Please see marketplace for further details. Click here to learn more about the marketplace

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